Bring the wonder of the landscape into your home

Atmospheric paintings inspired by wild landscapes and coastlines. Feel the breeze on your skin as you explore with me!

Beautifully Crafted for those who love to connect with nature

"Alison is a painter of gathering thunder clouds and lyrical orange tinged sunsets. She imbues her canvas with a marvellous sense of space and place. You can almost feel the wind whipping sand around your ankles such is her way with representing the spirit of the places she paints." Catriona Hall

"Painting connects me to the world around me. Painting outdoors is exhilarating and I aim to bring that excitement into my work - and into your home! "

"You absolutely nailed the atmosphere and majesty of the place!"

Tim & Jane

  • Sarah

    The light on the water is incredible - it's so uplifting, I LOVE it!

  • Sam

    I'm not creative in that way, so what you do feels like magic to me!

  • Kathryn

    I was immediately drawn to Alison's paintings. Her style evokes many happy memories, and I find calmness when I look at them.